0 Copper Pot Love

I've long since admired a copper pot collection.
Seeing them hanging on a wall...

Velvet and Linen
 ...or gathered together on a shelf makes my heart skip a beat!

A staple in French kitchens, Julia Child to Martha Stewart have their collection of copper, but for some reason, I just couldn't bite the bullet and make my first copper purchase.  
 Maybe because I don't know anything about copper cookware.

Do I want to cook with it?  Or just collect and display it?
The new copper cookware at Williams-Sonoma is gorgeous and pricey, and the older copper in antique stores with patina is more reasonable.
But is it practical?

Either way, it required an investment.
This is why I just couldn't commit to another collection!

So, imagine my delight when a houseguest surprised me with this large copper pot as a thank you gift! 
I don't know how he knew that I was contemplating collecting copper cookware, but somehow, he knew!

  Behold, my first copper pot!  
I have the feeling it's the beginning of a collection that will be a lifelong obsession!
Thank you Paul!

0 Black Is The New Pine

 The pine bookcase has a whole new look!
When Ian, the Master Painter and crew brought it back yesterday, I was amazed at the transformation.

Here is the original pine finish.  Ethan Allen's idea of an antique pine piece, which over the years seemed to get more and more orange!

My solution:  paint it black and give it another chance in the living room with its newly clad grasscloth walls.

 I thought about painting it all black, or all white, but settled on the back tongue and groove boards being a crackled linen and the body distressed black.

After the painters left, I immediately started putting all the books and nicknacks back.

 It took forever.
I can't believe how much stuff was on the shelves before.
I ended up packing most of the dog collection away and just kept out my favorites.

I mean, after all, they were taking over the shelves before!

This morning, I couldn't wait to see the new bookcase in the morning light.

I love how the black looks with the new paisley chairs and wallpaper.

"When in doubt, paint it black," I always say!

The living room is finally coming together.
Next week, the new draperies will be installed, which is the last element, and the one that should pull it all together.
Stay tuned for a complete, full-on, "ready for the holidays" living room reveal!
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